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Learn how CHIF (C-Hear Intelligent File) can help you skyrocket your sales, protect your data, create accessible content, reach new audiences, and make a real difference in the world!

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Our Belief

We believe in accessibility and growth for everyone. We have designed our CHIF technology to create a digital inclusion world and help businesses and individuals grow in what they do. Our belief in innovation and constant growth keeps us ready for the future. We aim to provide you the best possible experience by using the available resources in an efficient but effective manner! Let us help you reach new audiences, explore new horizons, and navigate into 2021 with renewed energy.

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How CHIF can Revolutionize Your Digital Experience?

CHIF gives you full control and complete ownership of your data. You can not only trace your data after it has been shared but also control it remotely. The kill switch allows you to delete data internet-wide if you no longer need it.

The dynamic file format with the ability to merge multiple data types in one file allows you to reach your audience in new ways and share content to guarantee their engagement.

Using CHIF will be a step forward in the direction of ADA compliance that will not only show your company's dedication to social good but also help you attract investors and gain new audiences, including people with disabilities.

Compared to video files, the smaller size of the file allows fast buffering speed and lowers the data storage costs for your company.

The data encryption feature (allowed to enterprise clients) adds an extra layer of security to your data and allows you to safely share sensitive information.

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Why Choose CHIF?

There are currently two systems in place on the Internet: One for most people and the other for those who use personal access technology. And these are the people with disabilities making about 19% of the world's population! CHIF is a way to create one system that not only works for all but also provides everyone the best user experience.

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Challenges of the Digital World

Sharing data across multiple networks requires different types of embedment.

19% of the world population has disabilities; there needs to be a way to make digital content accessible to them.

Images are too static to make an impact, and videos take too much storage space.

The process of creating accessible web designs needs to be simplified for developers.

Sensitive information needs to be encrypted for protection against cybercrime.

The world is moving toward inclusive technology, and with the increase in remote work, the need has become even stronger.

Not having control over the distribution of your content can become a cause for trouble.

It is very off-putting when websites are unable to provide a smooth digital experience due to the slow buffering speed of the content.

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CHIF is for Everyone

It is an opportunity for executives to attract the attention of investors and clients to their company and to contribute to social good by providing accessibility..

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A content creator doing her work

CHIF is for Everyone

It is a chance for content creators, like podcasters and influencers, to reach and engage new audiences and to create content that is also accessible to people with disabilities.

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A sportswoman on a wheelchair holding a basketball and making a gesture of empowerment

CHIF is for Everyone

It is a possibility for the sports industry to take inclusion to the next level. CHIF is the answer to making sports news, invitations, and tickets accessible to everyone.

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A woman and a boy having an accessible e-learning experience

CHIF is for Everyone

It is the solution educationists had been looking for to make distance education possible for everyone alike. CHIF allows you to create dynamic content for people with visual impairments as well as others.

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A government official securely sharing information through a mobile phone using CHIF

CHIF is for Everyone

It is the security that the governments need to exchange high-value information safely.

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A doctor using CHIF to create medical files

CHIF is for Everyone

It is a revolution in the field of healthcare. Be it sharing a well-elaborated diagnosis with patients or keeping the sensitive data of the patients safe, CHIF has got everything covered.

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An event marketer using CHIF to create content

CHIF is for Everyone

It is the dream of the event marketing and entertainment industry. Promoting songs, movies, and TV-shows in a dynamic and accessible way had never been so before. With CHIF you can use encryption to send out invitations for exclusive events and to send coupons and sweepstakes to your existing or prospective audience.

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A shopping cart and an e-commerce webpage signifying accessible online shopping

CHIF is for Everyone

It is a potential breakthrough for e-commerce businesses. Using CHIF on an e-commerce website for product descriptions will not only boost sales by encouraging the engagement of the existing audience but it will also make the content more accessible thus attracting the attention of new audiences including people with disabilities.

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CHIF is for Everyone

It is the product that accessibility brands can utilize to promote the cause of digital inclusion and to express their support for accessibility solutions.

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What makes CHIF special?

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Unbelievable Affordability

The Zero Cost Strategy of CHIF allows you to test it out before spending any money on it. The low storage needs of CHIF as compared to large video files can also save you a lot of money that would have otherwise gone in the fulfillment of storage needs.

A virtual padlock in a hand signifying the security provided by the CHIF

Unprecedented Data Control and Security

CHIF allows you to trace and control your data remotely. With the kill switch technology you can even delete the content internet-wide! The ability to encrypt data adds an extra layer of security and the use of CHIF, as a data container allows you to retain complete ownership of the data.

A woman holding a phone and a credit card enjoying the convenience of using CHIF

Matchless Dynamism and Convenience

The ability to use images, audio, text, alt-text, and metadata allows dynamic content creation to appeal to everyone.

The process of combining different data types in a single file has been made so simple that anyone can do it.

A bar graph signifying the efficiency and the high buffering speed of CHIF

Unequaled Efficiency

The small size of CHIF allows a very fast buffering speed, thus providing users a seamless digital experience.

Woman in a wheelchair high-fiving a man after an accessible digital experience

Accessibility and ADA Compliance

The ability to add multiple data types, alt-text, and audio to the images makes CHIF accessible to people with disabilities. This accessibility will make your company a social good supporter and save it from possible lawsuits due to ADA non-compliance.

We All Deserve Equal Access to Information

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