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Defining Our Strategic Vision

In 2015, we founded C-Hear to bring product designers and developers to the table to identify the new solutions to cyber security and accessibility issues.

The CHIF showcases more than just audio embedded images. It is delivering data mobility with built-in security unlike anything else available.

As a universal data container, we believe that the applications are endless. As a digital accessibility tool, we believe we can help.

Executive Team

Adena Harmon, CEO

Adena Harmon

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Collard, COO

Jesse Collard

Chief Operating Officer

Taha Kadado, Co-Founder and CTO

Taha Kadado

Chief Technology Officer

Simon Gong, Co-Founder

Simon Gong

Chief Architect

Gene Collard, CEO Emeritus

JE “Gene” Collard

Co-Founder, CEO Emeritus, President

Kenn Leuzinger, Chief Innovation Officer

Kenn Leuzinger

Chief Innovation Officer

Brian Maro, CFO

Brian Maro

Chief Financial Officer

Dylan Rafaty, Head of Accessibility Strategy & Partnerships

Dylan Rafaty

Head of Accessibility Strategy & Partnerships

Advisory Team

Dr. Michael V. Nguyen

Dr. Michael V. Nguyen

Founder and Chief Catalyst Officer for Inclusive Insight

Rhonda Johnson

Rhonda Johnson

Senior Solutions Professional at Microsoft, Texas

Dr. Jeff Adelglass

Jeff Adelglass, MD

Dallas and Plano, TX MD

Nikhil Jeevaraj

Nikhil Jeevaraj

Financial Planner and Special Advisor to the CEO

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