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Zero Trust Approach to Cyber Security The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its […]
Header saying Dual Use Technologies and How They Drive Innovation Forward
Dual use technology is technology that can be used for both military and civilian purposes and […]
Accessibility Overlays – What Is It? Why You Shouldn’t Use It?
Many advocates have pushed organizations to make the world wide web more accessible to everyone including […]
NFT Blog
The concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is relatively new, and we’ll explain what they are, how […]
a woman in red dress climbing intimidating stairs
Female tech entrepreneurs face many challenges. But, you know what? It’s worth it.  There are some […]
Microsoft Partner
C-Hear Technologies accepted into Microsoft for Startups Program. We are excited to announce that C-Hear Technologies […]
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Are you thinking of making your business’s online content more accessible for hearing-impaired visitors? If you’re […]
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Entrepreneurs With Disabilities: Finding the Right Business While a person with disabilities can find success in […]
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How Your Spending Habits Can Support Diversity and Inclusion -Diversity in the workplace is having a much-needed […]
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SMU and C-Hear joined hands for social good. The experience was remarkable! The Southern Methodist University […]