What is CHIF File Format, and How Can It Help You in Creating Accessible Content?

What is CHIF File Format, and How Can It Help You in Creating Accessible Content?

Creating accessible content is no longer a difficult job. The revolutionary CHIF File Format created by C-Hear has left no room for excuses. Without creating any further suspense, let us introduce you to our curated technology.
CHIF stands for C-Hear’s Intelligent Format, and it is a file format that is created with an accessibility-first approach. Unlike the other existing file formats, CHIF combines the benefits of all of them in one single file! Yes, you got that right; CHIF allows you to add text, alt-text, audio, metadata, and multimedia to any image, all at the same time. This results in a very compact and comprehensive file that you can use for several different purposes. The best part is, being designed with an accessibility first approach, a CHIF file, as compared to other file formats, has the capability to reach and benefit a lot more people.
Being able to contain information in so many different formats, isn’t the only quality of a CHIF file. A CHIF file also allows you to always remain in charge of your data even if you have shared the file online or with others. The “kill switch” integration enables you to revoke access to a part of the file or the whole file remotely! In other words, there cannot be a more secure container for your data than a CHIF file.
An accessible file, which allows you to store and access multiple data types, is secure, and easy to create: A CHIF has all the qualities to become the holy grail of content creators! Be a part of this digital revolution by creating your content using CHIF. The process is simple; decide what content you want to create, create it, and then use our CHIF manager to integrate different data types into a single file with low digital print. Using CHIF will not only facilitate the existing consumers of your content but will also allow you to add to the list of consumers. Grow, prosper, contribute, and make a change with CHIF; the possibilities are endless.

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