Cyber Security

With C-Hear’s patented technology, the CHIF Manager and the Individual API gives companies options depending on the level of security they need.

Let’s face it, data security and control of data across the Internet continues to be a top-of-mind concern among internet users, and the urgency with which this issue needs to be tackled is now more than ever. Fortunately, C-Hear has developed just the right tools to secure your data. We have two powerful tools to assist you with data security and control, depending on your companies needs and goals. 


Some CHIF Use-Case Examples: Build a static image, audio, metadata, alt text, transcript text all in one data container, and place on your domain. 

  • Marketing/Publicity:  Put new imagery on your site with custom audio describing your new product, event, new hire, coupons, games, or giveaways
  • Educators: Promote a class with a description of the course and sign-up deadlines
  • Accessible Companies: Show your clients and customers that you want to give them content in new ways that is fun and accessible for everyone
  • Content Creators: Promoting a Podcast, new book, or film? This is a good way to release one image and talk about the project to gain world-building excitement before its release
  • Insurance Companies: Post images and explain the best ways to protect your assets
  • Real-Estate: Educate your clients on what is needed to sell or buy their next property
  • Military: Use to entice recruits with an image that has tone and quality
  • Museum and Event Locations: Use to create a fun and new way to explain an artifact, animal, person, or time that you are curating
  • Fitness: Explain important diet tips and exercise needs or introduce an instructor
  • Software/Developers: Look as a forward thinker and bring a new product that gives you a whole new audience 

This file has a unique file ID and can only be played on the domain indicated by you. As its code is placed only on the desired website, it cannot be forwarded or copied to other sides. Moreover, you will also have the power to remove the file from the designated site, giving you full control over your data.

The CHIF file allows you to manage your data by a variety of roles and classifications. The ability to set creation and expiration dates for your data allows you to transfer it safely and limits the viewability of the information contained to the desired period, thus ensuring that your data is not misused. Another way in which you can control your data remotely is by using a “kill switch.” The kill switch integrated into your CHIF files allows you to revoke access to the data remotely.

 It does so by preventing the browser from playing the CHIF file, but it doesn’t remove the file from where it’s hosted. This is an additional piece that was separately patented. We cannot still stop people from making a screengrab or recording the information shared by the file by other means.other means of possibly capturing the data through other means. However, they will not have access to the original completed file and all its contents. 

 You can also use CHIF to share your artwork or any copyrighted data securely by including the copyright information within the file using metadata. As a file format that allows both accessibility and security, there are endless ways in which you can benefit from CHIF and to ensure that you do, we have created this technology in such a way that with minimal instruction you can apply this code into your domain, use the CHIF Manager to build your CHIF and be looked upon as a technology thought leader. 

Please sign-up for our free beta program where you will get access to 15 CHIF’s. If you enjoy the experience and want to expand across your website, you can always go for our Bronze (80 CHIF’s)  or Silver plan (500 CHIF’s). 


For our enterprise clients, who have on-staff developers and need a customized tool and increased data security, C-Hear will work with you to license the API (custom quote needed). This will allow you to customize our CHIF product and use our encryption tool to encode and decode your CHIF’s. Thus making sure that only the people designated to open the file, can. You can also customize this data container by adding in a variety of elements that may enhance the experience e.g. using CSS to add graphics.

Some CHIF Use-Case Examples: Send an image, audio, metadata, alt text, transcript text all in one data container, encrypt that information, and send a key to the intended receiver so that he/she can decode the file and open it.

The following are some of the situations in which this feature can prove extremely useful.

  • Medical Field: When the facility needs to send personal diagnosis or information to a patient
  • Military: To send classified information to a colleague or politician
  • Politics: To send private campaign strategy to colleagues
  • Finance: To send investing and private information to clients
  • Content Creation: To send a never-before-seen image or publicity material and discuss strategy privately with staff or contractors
  • Educators: To send grades and personal instructions to students
  • Event Producers/Museum Creators: To send confidential launch information to colleagues

C-Hear strongly believes that every single one of us should be able to benefit from advancements in science and the resulting new technologies, just the same. Keeping this in mind, we have developed our technology such that it helps the cause of accessibility and advancement of inclusive technology. Our CHIF manager makes it very easy to create CHIFs and our API makes what you value safer. If you need any kind of guidance or assistance regarding our technology the team at C-Hear Inc. is always ready to help you.


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