Using the CHIF to Protect Financial Data

The secure, compartmentalized nature of the C-Hear Intelligent Format file makes it an excellent choice to be the new data container for financial services systems.

We solve the inability for compliance agencies (SEC, FINRA, StockWatch, Fed Reserve) to efficiently and precisely audit:

…brokerage firms, securities companies, mutual funds, and hedge funds…

and be less invasive.

Compliance Reporting

We can increase FINRA and SEC Compliance and in the financial services and securities industries that allow them to archive and document their trade histories and strategies for large block trades – especially shorting strategies.

Financial Work
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Compliance Use Case

2018 Tesla Short

An example would be a 2018 Tesla short that went against the market and netted a hedge fund, XYZ Capital, 47 million for the day. That portfolio manager and compliance officer would need to produce research, analysis, risk assessment, trade sign-off, and projections.

If you are XYZ Capital, the government will contact you, and they will do an audit of that trade.

They will want to see your analysis.

They will want to see your trading history.

They will want to know what created that trade.

They will want to know on what information you acted.

They will want to know if your firm analyzed publicly available data and if you have a history of accessing that data.

If you had a library of cloud based files that were secured and consolidated with C-Hear Technology that your firm could use to grant regulators controlled levels of access that mage audits less invasive – would you do it?

FINRA Market Transparency Reporting Program

Starting in 2020, FINRA will begin a multi-year initiative dedicated to improving trade reporting and reference data management capabilities for our member firms.

If XYZ Capital uses a CHIF within a secure reporting interface within a Bloomberg Device or other analysis and securities trading environment like E-Trade based on API’s accessed by the SEC and FINRA, Compliance enforcement can be started on a per-trade basis – and be roped into the BAU of a securities firm.