Military and Governmental

C-Hear has created a file type to be a “secure data container”, and one important purpose of our technology is to create a more secure environment to distribute encrypted and time sensitive military and governmental data.

CHIF Monitor

C-Hear Technologies has patented a data container, that allows admins to encrypt independent data pieces in the container.

Soldier Saluting the Flag

Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)

We can offer a secure way for organizations like the DOD to update and securely transfer things like personnel reports and medical records.


Portable, Secure, and Efficient Personnel and Materiel Files

This secure, portable file could aid in everything from gear inventory to unit operational status. CHIFs can be used to house everything from maintenance records to letters home.


Interface with Other Governmental Organizations

With a secure, standardized file type, US Armed Forces can securely interface with organizations like Veterans Benefits Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.

Task Force 3 Orders

Piece-By-Piece Encryption Creates Levels of Confidentiality

Create different levels of records access for different needs. Gear, inventory, and supplies can be encrypted at different levels of security than medical records or personal information.

Disparate files, like research, surveillance reports, weather, and operational orders and more are then put into the custom client software and securely disseminated out into the field.


Unique Identifiers and Remote-Control File Features

Utilizing the CHIF file’s UUID feature, a Unique Identifier is created for each file, and each file can be monitored from a central location. This helps administrators control their file’s destination and access.

Identification for Security and Checkpoints

Sentries at entry and exit points on ships, bases, and federal buildings  can use apps loaded with identity based CHIF files.

With the power of CHIF, voice-print identification, meta data, vital statistics and photo confirmation can securely live on the same file.