C-Hear innovates technology to bring accessibility to all

Uniting companies toward a more inclusive digital future through strategic partnerships and in-depth product development.


Defining Our Strategic Vision

In 2015, we founded C-Hear to bring product designers and developers to the table to identify the new solutions to accessibility issues. Our founder, Adena Harmon demanded and still strives to build a more accessible solution for the market.

The CHIF showcases more than just audio embedded images. It is delivering data mobility with built-in security unlike anything else available. As a universal data container, we believe that the applications are endless.

Our vision is continuous innovation on behalf of our customers and partners throughout all industries.

Executive Team

Founder, CEO

Adena Harmon

Adena Harmon has worked in the Social Media industry for more than 10 years helping promote nonprofits and businesses using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

While looking for ways to save her clients money on ads Adena reached out to those who could develop the technology to create what she envisioned for a file that included a single image with sound. Adena is currently the point person networking and promoting C-Hear to organizations.

Co-Founder, COO

Jesse Collard

Jesse is creative thinker with a unique blend of business and technical savvy. He brings more than 20 years of business management experience with P&L responsibility; as well as 25 years of advertising, marketing and digital production experience to the C-Hear organization. An experienced digital project manager and user experience leader with the analytical, planning, negotiating, technology, and communication skills necessary to see simultaneous projects through to completion.

Taha Kadado

Co-Founder, CTO

Taha Kadado

Taha has over 27 years of industry experience in Data Architecture, Information Engineering, Embedded systems and internet of things (IoT). He has spent years in design and development of scalable and high-performance applications in numerous industries such as medical, telecom, financial, manufacturing and marketing.

Taha is passionate towards open source, medical applications and emerging technologies. In his spare time, Taha is a leader in several local professional organizations where he is involved in public speaking and organizing technical events.

Simon Gong

Co-Founder, Chief Architect

Simon Gong

Simon brings more than 20 years of business technology and software application development and implementation experience to C-Hear. He has deep knowledge in business and information technologies as they apply to the finance and social media industries.

Simon’s focus is utilizing his solid skills in architecture, software design and development with respect to C-Hear’s social media and enterprise applications.

JE Gene Collard

Co-Founder, CEO Emeritus, President

JE “Gene” Collard

Gene Collard has been a business owner in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for more than 35 years. Volunteering and serving on many boards including Dallas Boys and Girls Club, Mesquite Civil Service Committee, and many others public and private organizations. Gene provided the initial funds to get C-Hear established and is currently our President.

Kenn Leuzinger


Kenn Leuzinger

Kenn is a visual communicator, user interface and instructional designer, and marketing strategist in Dallas, Texas and has been involved in internet content creation, design, product development, and branding for over 20 years.

He has performed design and marketing duties as both in-house creative and as an agency designer, art and creative director, and marketing strategist for various corporations and elite agencies.

As C-Hear’s Chief Innovation Officer, Kenn is responsible for exploring and researching new markets and applications of C-Hear’s technology.

Brian Maro


Brian Maro

Brian is currently a CPA & Partner at E&M, PLLC in Des Moines Iowa. He has over 12 years experience in working with startups in all aspects of company development. He specializes in small business finances, complex tax structuring, Real Estate, and business analytics. Brian is an outside the box tax strategist using aggressive techniques to help clients grow and preserve company profits. When He isn’t helping clients, he enjoys traveling and being outdoors with his wife and son.

Head of Accessibility Strategy & Partnerships

Dylan Rafaty

Dylan brings in 8+ years of experience in collaborating with all stakeholders within the international disability community to increase access to accessibility, educational, employment, housing, and transportation opportunities. He is a social entrepreneur, author, inspirational and motivational national public speaker on accessibility, education, business/workforce development, and social impact/responsibility.

Also, Dylan serves as a self-advocate and advocate for the disability community across the nation including in his home state of Texas as he has been serving on the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. Dylan continues to proactively engage with local governments, community stakeholders and state agencies to make recommendations to the Governor on disability issues that promote disability inclusion.

Advisory Team

Dr. Michael V. Nguyen

founder and Chief Catalyst Officer of Inclusive Insight

Dr. Michael V. Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is the founder and Chief Catalyst Officer of Inclusive Insights, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultancy. Additionally, he is faculty in the Department of Applied Psychology at the University of Southern California. Dr. Nguyen's clients have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in the fields of human resources, information technology, marketing, legal and finance, and in the industries of entertainment, interactive media, law, higher education and pharmaceuticals..

Prior to starting Inclusive Insights and teaching at USC, he served as a Senior Researcher in the interactive and creative arts industries with developers such as Blizzard and Sierra Entertainment. He worked with premier game developers and publishers on titles including World of Warcraft, Scarface, and Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy. Dr. Nguyen was also an Emory Global Health Institute Scholar that served as a lead researcher and cross-cultural facilitator for government and non-government organizations in Haiti.

Rhonda Johnson

Senior Solutions Professional at Microsoft, Texas

Rhonda Johnson

IT innovation Solution Architect/ Executive with broad and deep technology management experience. Technical experience includes; Data Systems, AI Services, Machine Learning, IoT, Cognitive Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Infrastructures, Mobile App Development, Network, IT Security, and Application Development.

Her experience centers around Microsoft technologies including: Azure, Windows Servers, Hyper-V, Active Directory, .Net Suite, and Azure/SQL Data Estates.

She leads teams that architect solutions by mapping client’s needs to end-to-end technology solutions. Rhonda is a servant leader who has been trusted with both large and small global organizations.

eff Adelglass, MD

Dallas and Plano, TX MD

Jeff Adelglass, MD

Dr. Adelglass is a cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic otolaryngologist, clinical researcher; business entrepreneur, and trusted North Texas television personality. His two Dallas-area SKINTASTIC Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Care Centers offer the newest dermal fillers, neuromodulators, laser, and other cosmetic treatments available in the U.S.

Dr. Adelglass serves as a medical trainer for other physicians and is a medical advisory board member for most U.S. aesthetic pharmaceutical companies. As a trusted, well-known North Texas cosmetic surgeon, researcher, and aesthetic otolaryngologist (his pollen-counting station provides the North Texas pollen count), he is often called upon by the media to comment on new advances in aesthetic beauty technologies, North Texas allergy issues, and clinical research advancements. Dr. Adelglass is Chief Medical Consultant–the Americas for Synexus U.S., a leading international clinical research site organization. Additionally, Dr. Adelglass is a Founding Partner of lifestyle healthcare-focused growth equity firm Strathspey Crown Alphaeon.

Nikhil Jeevaraj

Special Advisor to the CEO

Nikhil Jeevaraj

Nikhil has been an instrumental resource in helping C-Hear gain more traction through his day-to-day support and enthusiasm of our goals and mission. Nikhil has brought forth various insight and economical perspective for C-Hear to analyze different options in producing financial decisions.

Nikhil currently works for Majors & Mondragon LLC, a wealth management firm, as a financial advisor. He is passionate in assisting his clients in planning and achieving their dreams through empowering them to make effective financial decisions to achieve their desired legacy.

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