CHIFs Are the Future of Data

What Is a C-Hear Intelligent Format File (CHIF)?

C-Hear Intelligent Format (CHIF) is a patented new universal file type that offers unmatched security, accessibility, and multimedia consolidation (text, audio, image, video, PDF, database, JSON, etc.) all in a single digital data container

CHIFs store and secure different types of data in a container that can be encrypted.

The C-Hear CHIF is a file type with powerful data management tools that allow its administrators to add many types of digital content into it and control their access through the licensed use of the C-Hear codec.

We would integrate this codec into client’s software or systems by creating API’s that would allow them to harness this powerful functionality.

CHIF files can create more digitally accessible websites, apps, and software.

Another purpose of the CHIF is to make the internet and applications more accessible to people with disabilities by integrating more than one type of perceivable media into a file. 

This is specifically for websites and apps that wish to follow the WCAG 2.1 international standards. This can prevent lawsuits from people with special needs – especially those using the internet for their public need or employees needing access to a SAAS (Software as a Service) portal.

We make it better with CHIF

Here are some websites that we re-imagined with CHIF and React. All websites, graphics, copy, and assets are copyright their respective owners.

CHIF technology at glance

CHIF Monitor

The CHIF is easy to generate and manage using secured API’s, designed for developers to control and automate. Digital Rights Management (DRM) and metadata are embedded within the patented codec, allowing users to retain control over their data and files at rest and in transit


The CHIF encoder integrates the digital content using the C-Hear patented algorithm with DRM, attributes, and optional security to produce a standalone self-contained CHIF file

Decoder  & pLAYER

The CHIF decoder unpacks the data elements from the CHIF while enforcing and maintaining the DRM and security rules.

The CHIF player that interacts with the decoder to render the digital content according to the rules and relationships defined in the CHIF.

Cyber Security Features of the CHIF

By using our API, developers and administrators can access the data handling and security features that are unique to the C-Hear Intelligent Format file.


Each CHIF employs the Bring Your Own Key encryption model for your data, and each piece of data can be encrypted independently (and with a different key) than any other piece of data. This allows for different levels of access for different users in the same data file.

CHIFs encode and encrypt the data using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm which is adopted as the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for use in government information technology systems.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

CHIF files have data elements that establish and manage digital rights. While building a CHIF you can specify the following:

  • Allowed Domains or allowed devices
  • Date range specification for Time sensitive contents
  • Metadata capture for ownership and other custom information
  • Ownership of the file tracking

Immutable / Non-Fungible Data

Each encoded CHIF is given a Universal Unique ID (UUID) along with other meta data. Once generated, the CHIF CODEC doesn’t allow for any changes; hence, CHIF files are immutable. Any future change to existing content will lead to a new CHIF file. This can make version tracking, archiving, and security simple and straight-forward.


Our Universal Unique Identifiers afford the opportunity for complete data control. CHIFs can have a built-in block and unblock switch that can deactivate the file without destroying the data itself. Please note: this feature is tied in with the application and environment and not the file itself. The data remains untouched.


Every CHIF file is traceable by the owner. The access date, time, and location of the file content is tracked in real time; hence, will be able to run analytics and get metrics on each CHIF usage.


Take control of what you want to present and display and not be hampered by the inefficiency and large file sizes of video.

Monitor with Key Inside

C where the CHIF takes you.

Contact a C-Hear team member to learn more about the CHIF and explore using this technology in your own software, systems, and apps.

Storage and Encryption

Piece by Piece Encryption
All container parts are able to be encrypted separately and independently at the time of their creation. CHIF uses AES encryption algorithm with 256-bit key size, where AES is a symmetric key encryption standard, using either 128-bit or 256-bit keys.

Encryption by data classification can be used to control data access and use by role.

Bring Your Own Key
(BYOK) allows for flexible encryption methods tailored to the value or purpose of digital content. With different pass keys securing your data at rest and in motion, users and administrators can get different data sets and media out of the same exact files.

Low Storage Overhead
Files are small to improve cache-ability and can be customized to produce only compressed versions of any file. This optimization can be added to the payload to reduce storage size and bandwidth costs.

Control and Programmability

Remote Control
Administrators can control all CHIF containers by time and date range, and domain name. They can then apply access control and access revocation, which we call a “kill switch.” This only happens in the secure environment – as the CHIF file itself remains untouched.

Digital Scarcity
Users and administrators can create and control a limited number of file copies for specific people or use cases for enhanced security or monetization purposes.

Data Quality
With the CHIF, different types of related data can be combined and permanently associated at rest and in motion.

Accessibility for Apps SAAS, and Websites

Blend Different Types of Media
Multi-modal content containers can be designed for individual CHIFs to be accessible in multiple ways for a wide range of audiences.

Vocal and Audio Branding
CHIF can provide a human voice defined for your brand instead of 3x speed digitized text-to-speech of voice systems.

ALT TEXT Stays with the File
With CHIFs, UI designers can permanently connect each image with its own image’s alt-text without having to rely on separate CMS (Content Management Systems – like WordPress) or other development tools.

We can currently be embedded in the following platforms.

Note: We are expanding the environments in which we can be deployed. Integrating the CHIF into your next web or mobile app project is going to be simple and straight-forward.

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