Integrate Multiple Digital Media Types

CHIFs are secure data containers that can embed myriad types of information with ongoing management of data at scale.

Encrypt Your Data

CHIF allows for piece by piece encryption of your various data elements using hardened industry standard algorithms. From end to end you are in control of the encryption and security of your data.

Accessible Data Formats

We can help you effortlessly transition your site to become and exceed WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. With CHIF, your site will be welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

Time to protect and defend your data with the next step in cyber security.

CHIF files can help you protect your mission critical data.

it is not just a great idea; it’s the law.

Since the internet and has been deemed a “public space” by the United States government, it needs to become ADA compliant, and C-Hear can help.

From a compliance perspective, CHIFs can help you lead your industry in accessibility. From an ethical perspective, inclusion in your digital marketing and SAAS tools is the right thing to do. 

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