Finally, an accessible way to share and secure content.

Existing file formats for sharing information are static, outdated and difficult to secure. Our dynamic file format can be managed remotely with an accessibility-first approach.

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Adapting content for accessibility has never been more complex.

The processes to manage accessible content has become a nightmare for developers and development teams trying to negotiate inclusivity on all the platforms that make and share content.

A keyboard with three of the highlighted keys having symbols for different kinds of physical disabilities

CHIFs features make it easy to
store and adapt your content at scale.

We make it possible to store audio, images, text, video and more into a single file,
allowing you to create more impactful and accessible content.

Create CHIFs on-demand with APIs

Spin up CHIFs within your code using scripts or APIs to control them to meet your business needs.

Store & access multiple data types

Package 100s of data sets in a single CHIF that include video, image, audio and other file types with flexible data structures.

Secure with advanced cloud controls

Manage containers by a variety of roles and classifications. Revoke access to single parts or all of a data container with an integrated "kill switch".

Put a voice to your brand

Marketers and content teams can use CHIFs features to connect with their audience in new ways. Use audio-embedded image files to showcase the voice of your brand in the truest form. Minimize the time to create videos, the storage and streaming overhead, and stay focused on bringing your brand to life.

A lady browsing through a CHIF based e-commerce site where the product information is offered both in the form an image and as audio
1.	A man enjoying a good browsing experience on his laptop
2.	A man enjoying an accessible web experience on a laptop

Connect with a whole new audience

Platforms, websites and digital properties struggle with offering accessible solutions to people with impairments. This can be challenging for companies and product teams to engineer ways for users to connect with their audience in the right way.

CHIF allows innovative sharing capabilities with bundling multiple files in one.

Set control over your content

With constant sharing of information, we often lose control of security when it comes to our files. The CHIF allows for contained files to be restricted by roles, created or expired by date, and managed remotely.

Keeping you in control of the contents you share no matter how far they go.

1.	A woman safely transferring data through internet using CHIF
2.	A woman transferring CHIF protected data safely through internet
1.A doctor using CHIF to prepare a medical report based on an X-ray result 
2.	A doctor preparing an X-ray report using CHIF

Extend to fit your industry needs

Your industry and business needs are what drive innovation for our product. We work 1:1 with our customers to identify, ideate and deliver new experiences for their customers.

Our format is your format.

Available for modern technologies and platforms.

Integrating the CHIF into your next web and mobile project is an easy 5 minute process.

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Make the Web Wide Enough for the Whole World

Your webpage is beautiful, targeted, and on-point. Too bad a significant portion of the world can’t see it, hear it, or understand it. That’s why you need CHIF. We can help you effortlessly transition your site to become and exceed WCAG 2.1 AA compliant. With CHIF, your site will be warm, welcoming, and helpful for everybody; not just a chosen few.

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Make your Distribution as Diverse as Your Content

The content creator community has made strides in getting diverse voices and faces into content. Now it’s time to diversify your content distribution platform. Make sure that everybody can hear your story despite any sensory or cognitive differences they may have. And since you control the audio, you can tell the story in your voice, NOT the mechanical voice of a computer.

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Make Lesson Plans and Grading Virtual and Personal

There is no question that distance learning and virtual classroom teaching is growing rapidly. Your in-person teaching style is adapted to the learning modes of your students. With CHIF you have that same level of flexibility with virtual classrooms and distance learning. Auditory learners can hear words associated with text. Visual learners can see pictures and read text about them. The CHIF file is designed to be personalized for each individual learner.

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Make CHIF a Partner in your Telemedicine Plan

Finally, an answer when your patient asks, “What do I do with this CD”? Now those unplayable DICOM image files can be encapsulated in a CHIF file along with your friendly voice offering a clear explanation of what the image means. This also means, you can encrypt your data (like your private patient data) or parts of your data. In this age, where doctor’s offices are busier than ever and telehealth becomes ever more prevalent, you can say, “just click on the CHIF and I’ll tell you what the picture means.”

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Make Sure Only Those Cleared Can View

CHIF files are as secure as you want to make them. Unlike a number of other security formats out there, CHIF files allow you to select the security level of each and every piece of data. For your most confidential files, you may lock them with a key you create, and is known only to you. From end to end you are in control of the encryption and security of your data.

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Ready To Disrupt Your Industry?

Our CHIF is not just a way to add audio images. CHIFs are secure data containers that embed tons of information with ongoing management of data at scale.

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C-Hear, Solving Today's Challenges in a CHIF.

Learn more about C-Hear and our innovative partners.

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