Cyber Security

C-Hear Technologies has created (and patented) the evolutionary next step in data, and it has the power to change the world.

C-Hear Intelligent Format File (CHIF)

C-Hear has invented and patented a file type to be a “secure data container”, and one important purpose of our technology is to create a more secure environment to distribute encrypted and time sensitive data.

Cyber Security

With the myriad data control and security features of the CHIF (outlined below – and in more detail here), network security specialists and administrators will be able to offer more security and take greater control of their networks.

Piece-By-Piece Encryption

With our encoder, data administrators can encrypt each piece of data separately – each with its own set of encryption keys and our clients can create different levels of data access for different needs or roles.

CHIF uses AES encryption algorithm with 256-bit key size, where AES is a symmetric key encryption standard, using either 128-bit or 256-bit keys.

Unique Identifiers and Remote-Controls

When a CHIF is made, a Universal Unique Identifier is created for each file, and each file can be monitored from a central location. This helps administrators control their file’s destination and access.

Administrators can even revoke access to single parts or all of a data container with an integrated “kill switch.”

Non-Fungible Data

Once a file is created, it cannot be altered in any way. So, there is no way to pull a CHIF off of a system or network, add malware and add it back to the network.

If changes and updates are made to a CHIF in the encoder, a new CHIF will be generated with a new UUID, and the old one can be flagged and archived.

Meta Data

Each file contains its own expose-able meta data, which can be used in conjunction with its UUID to track each file in the embedded system.

More robust and useful than a simple header file, this feature can help you control, secure and manage your data.

There are use cases for CHIFs in Military, Finance, Medicine, Music, and more…

Our data containers can embed a plethora of information with ongoing management of data at scale.

Imagine a file format that can:

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